Hair Patches – Technology

Mane America Hair Patches use only natural ingredients. They are manufactures from a breathable, odorless and fragrance free material, so they will not irritate your skin or be noticeable in any unwelcome way. They are skin-friendly, made from a dermatologically tested material, are the same color as the skin and are small and discreet.

The advantage of patches as a delivery system is that they allow a constant and controlled amount of active ingredient delivery over time to allow for effective treatment.

Mane Hair Patches

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  • New Cosmetic Treatment for Hair Loss.

  • Revolutionary Technology.

  • Non-invasive.

  • Not tested on animals.

  • Mane America  Hair Patches can help to strengthen your hair and encourage the growth of new hair so slowing the on-set of fine and thinning hair and making the hair that you have got appear thicker, fuller and healthier. Easy to use and dermatologically tested.

  • Mane America Hair Patches contain several active ingredients that are slowly absorbed into the skin helping to prevent hair loss. Mane America Patches are worn at night, while you sleep and so have no impact on your daily life or lifestyle activities.