Hair Patches FAQ


Why does hair loss occur?

Hair loss occurs when the hair follicle begins to die and so stops new hair from growing. This can be due simply to age, but is sometimes hereditary or can be caused by illness or medication.

What do the patches do?

The Mane America Hair Patches help to re-invigorate shrunken hair follicles by increasing the blood supply and nourishing any existing hair and keeping the environment around the hair follicles healthy to help promote thicker, fuller hair.

How quickly will my hair re-grow?

There is no guarantee of hair re-growth, but Clinical tests have shown a distinct improvement in the size and re-growth of hair over time with people who have tried the patches. If your system responds to the patches, then further hair loss should be significantly slowed allowing your hair to stabilize and your hair to appear thicker over time.

Will using more than one patch increase my hair growth?

The simple answer is no – the active ingredients are absorbed by your body at a steady rate. One patch daily gives you the optimal active ingredients needed to help the restorative hair follicle process. You must use systematically for an 8 week period, rather than using more than one per day.

Will the patches move during sleep?

If the patches are applied to clean, dry skin that is cream and lotion free, then they should stay in place during your sleep period. Once applied, the skin can still breathe but the patches will cause the skin to sweat below them and so trigger the osmosis process to allow the active ingredients to be absorbed.

How often should I use Mane America patches?

You can continue to use 8 week courses of the Mane America patches for as long as you wish – there are no contra-indications for this treatment.