Hair Loss Fibres – How do they work?

They are tiny micro fibers that attach themselves naturally to the hair shaft so making fine or thinning hair look thicker and fuller. They instantly increase the apparent thickness and coverage of the hair, so creating a natural finish, dramatically adding texture and volume to any kind of hair.

Mane America Hair Loss Fibers will instantly thicken your own hair to help alleviate any signs of baldness or the appearance of fine or thinning hair.

The fibres are easy to use and because of the lightness of each fibre, they will not weigh down your own hair but will simply give each strand more volume and blend in naturally with your own hair.



Hair Loss Fibres Femal before and after

Key Facts

  • The Mane America Hair Loss Fibers use a synthetic based fiber which is less than 2mm in length.

  • When you sprinkle the Mane America Hair Loss Fibers onto your fine or thinning hair, the tiny fibers bond electrostatically to the hair shafts – no matter how fine – and so make the hair shaft thicker and colored – which in turn gives the look of instantly fuller and thicker looking hair.

  • The Mane America Hair Loss Fibers are neutral; they will not harm your remaining hair and can be easily removed with warm water and shampoo. The colors can be blended to match our own particular hair color.

Mane Hair Loss Fibres Female

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