Mane America ® | Mane Hair Patches | Clinical Trial Results

Independent Clinical Trial

male and female hair lossAn 8 week trial of the Mane America Hair Patches was carried out using a selection of volunteers – both male and female – with an age range from 28 to 56. All of the volunteers suffered from hair loss and all were familiar with hair loss treatment products.


The trial was 2-fold

  • it was dermatologically controlled to establish skin reactions during the 8 week period

  • there was regular monitoring to establish any effects on hair growth and quality

Skin Reactions:

  • 95% of volunteers showed very good skin tolerance

  • 0% reported any discomfort

  • 0% showed any signs of irritationApply once a day

  • 0% reported any undesirable effects

  • 62% said the product was pleasant to use

  • 86% said the product was suitable to their hair type

  • 86% said the product had a pleasant color


  • 81% of the volunteers said the product stopped hair loss

  • 58% of the above said the effect was definitely noticeable

  • 50% of volunteers said the product gave volume to their hair

  • 48% of volunteers said the product enhanced hair growth

  • 40% of volunteers said their hair was thicker after the 8 week trial

  • 62% of volunteers said there was a definite improvement after 8 weeks.


The various volunteers spontaneously made the following comments:

My hair doesn’t fall out as much when I comb it

My hair is stronger, with more volume and vigour

My hair is somewhat thicker

My hair doesn’t fall out and has more volume

No hair falls out when I comb it

My hair isn’t falling out as much

My hair has grown and stopped falling out

My hair seems to be falling out less

My hair isn’t falling out and I’ve got more hair

I don’t see as much hair in the bathroom

My hair is stronger

My hair has more volume, it has stopped falling out as much and it seems stronger

My hair has more volume

My hair is falling out less

The only change I’ve noticed is that my hair is growing more

I have better quality hair

I have a little more hair and it isn’t falling out

The hair loss has stopped