Mane America Seal And Shine - Free Shipping

Mane America Seal and Shine has been formulated specifically to work with both our Hair Fibers range and the Mane America Hair Thickening spray. The Seal and Shine spray has a rich blend of specialized ingredients that add luster and shine to your hair. It can be used in addition to our Seal & Control product, or in place of it. Its non aerosol pump action delivers a fine spray across your thickened hair style (whether created by the Hair Fibers or the Thickener ), leaving a soft and gentle hold that will last all day, making your hair look thicker for longer with a natural great looking shine.

If using the Seal and Shine product with the Mane America Hair Fibers – then simply use the spray to fix the fibers into place once you have thickened and styled your hair to your desired look. The gentle non aerosol pump action will not dislodge the fibers once in place.

To remove, simply wash your hair with Mane America Frequent Use Shampoo or your preferred brand of shampoo. Our range of Mane America shampoos and conditioner are specially formulated for thinning or fine hair and designed for use with the Mane America Hair Thickening range.

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