• Product was received as marketed. Does not rub / wipe / smear off easily, which is great. Must use shampoo to remove.

  • Great product. I use it regularly. Whenever I have had a question or need help Mane America support has been there for me and done a wonderful job. It's good to get such excellent customer service and feel that the company is on my side. Kudos Mane America!

  • Had my specific color and excellent service.

  • Love this stuff! Had chemo years ago and my hair grew back very, very fine and thin so I need something to make it look thicker and not so fine. This works but is a little expensive. I am a professional and need to look good and this does the trick!

  • I found the product to do what it described, it really does thicken it up.. I am very happy with the product.

  • Better than I expected. Have used Mane America Hair thickener in the past and the new version with added shine does so much better. It always feels silky and does shine more. Makes it look less fake. The older version was good but you had to add so much hairspray to make it shine just a little. Now it is shiny with no hair spray, although you still need some hair spray so it won't rub off. Altogether it is much more natural looking.

  • I used Toppik Thickening Spray for a long time, and then the color I used was discontinued. Mane America had the color in stock, so I decided to try it. I like it far better than Toppik; the spray is truly dry and resilient. It is rather expensive, however, compared to the Toppik product. I am pleased with it overall, though!